Pink Coral Sand Dunes

On our way to Arizona we saw a sign for Pink Coral Sand Dunes. We both looked at each other and said “Ummm yessss lets go!!!” Driving down the road to get to the sand dunes we were both wondering, “where are the dunes, is this going to be worth it?” Then we park our car and we both immediately say “holy shit this is amazing!!!” We hold hands and run to the sand. We felt like little kids on Christmas morning! Sand beneath our toes and the dunes that go on for miles is something that you must experience once in your life!! The dunes are estimated to be 15,000 years old and were formed by the erosion of the pink colored Navajo Sandstone surrounding the park.   

     I packed the car with clothes just in case we had any amazing photo opportunities and man did we have the most epic day!! On the dunes I wore this H&M skirt that I purchased right before the trip. When I saw this skirt I kind of had a mini-freak-out moment in the store. When I find beautiful things that don’t cost that much I literally get way too excited! The detail in this skirt blows my mind. The black tassels, the colors, and the beautiful silky material with the slits on the sides made the pictures we took against the pink sand really pop! I wore my fringe black jacket from Molly and Zoey and a black basic crop tank from American Apparel!