• Pink Coral Sand Dunes

    On our way to Arizona we saw a sign for Pink Coral Sand Dunes. We both looked at each other and said “Ummm yessss lets go!!!” Driving down the road to get to the sand dunes we were both wondering, “where are the dunes, is this going to be worth it?” Then we park our car and we both immediately say “holy shit this is amazing!!!” We hold hands and run to the sand. We felt like little kids on Christmas morning! Sand beneath our toes and the dunes that go on for miles is something that you must experience once in your life!! The dunes are estimated to be 15,000 years old and were formed by the erosion of the pink colored Navajo Sandstone surrounding the park.   

         I packed the car with clothes just in case we had any amazing photo opportunities and man did we have the most epic day!! On the dunes I wore this H&M skirt that I purchased right before the trip. When I saw this skirt I kind of had a mini-freak-out moment in the store. When I find beautiful things that don’t cost that much I literally get way too excited! The detail in this skirt blows my mind. The black tassels, the colors, and the beautiful silky material with the slits on the sides made the pictures we took against the pink sand really pop! I wore my fringe black jacket from Molly and Zoey and a black basic crop tank from American Apparel!  

  • Tropic The Heart of Bryce Canyon.

    Tropic, Utah population of 460 people, the heart of Bryce Canyon, first stop out of our amazing vacation through 4 National Parks. These pictures were taken right outside of our bungalow that we stayed in for four days. Everyday we would wake up to the sunshine and the view of beautiful canyons right outside of our bedroom window. Basically, in the middle of nowhere we were surrounded by the silence and the magnificent beauty of the billions of stars above us every night.  Tropic, was about 10 minutes down the road from Bryce Canyon National Park which I will post pictures of later , but it was still off season and cold with temperatures in the 50’s. Snow covered mountains and sometimes a little flurry’s would come down while hiking on the beautiful trails. Traveling awakens my soul and all of the bad energy I had sitting inside me just disappears. It’s always an opportunity to discover new things such as music, the next trail, new friends, new things about myself and what I can push myself to do,and of course photo opportunities! There’s so much I discovered on this trip and I hope to come back next year to hike the trails we didn’t get to discover on this one!  

     I purchased this denim romper from Forever 21 which I will be wearing all Spring and Summer long. I was feeling the Tropic cowboy vibes so I wore my amazing Free People Montana Mountain Ankle Boots that are all hand made and every pair has their own unique look! I also wore the Free people Bandana Bolo Necklace, and my JJ hat center black hat. The sun was going down so we captured some killer shots!!!  

  • Sworn to Secrecy

     It was 15 degrees outside and we went to Valley Forge National Park to take the last pictures for the week of Valentine’s Day Outfits. I ordered this amazing sworn to secrecy embroidered top from Nasty Gal. If you aren’t familiar with Nasty Gal it’s an American based retailer, owned and created by the amazing, inspiring Sophia Amoruso. She just recently came out with her best selling book Girl Boss!!  When I saw this top on the website I immediately thought I need this for my upcoming vacation to the desert but I needed more outfits for the week. I paired the top with a beautiful American Apparel chiffon maxi skirt. The sworn to secrecy top is made out of sheer black mesh and features rose  embroidery, bell sleeves, and a cropped length! This was my favorite outfit of the week and I might be bringing it with me to the desert!! Enjoy this look by going to Nastygal to purchase this look and other amazing pieces!! 

  • Lady in Red.

    For look Number  5 for Valentine’s Day,  I wore this amazing red dress from TopShop! Since we don’t have a TopShop store here in Philadelphia, I purchase all of my TopShop items in Nordstrom at the King Of Prussia Mall. It was freezing outside and it started to snow so we only snapped a  couple of pictures!! Enjoy this look and purchase this dress at TopShop.com!!! 

  • Love and Lace

     “You are too generous to trifle with me. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged; but one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever.” Mr. Darcy.   Pride and Prejudice my favorite love story of all time. 

    Today I wore all lace that included an all lace maxi dress from Forever 21 and a lace bodysuit underneath from American Apparel! I didn’t realize until choosing my 4th outfit how much lace I own in my closet! What’s everyone’s favorite love story?  

  • LOVE

    Today I decided to get a little sexy with the Valentine’s outfit. I wore this pencil skirt from TopShop with the word LOVE printed on the front and back. TopShop, one of my favorite brands always comes through with what’s on trend! I first discovered TopShop in Nordstrom where I purchased a pair of destroyed denim boyfriend  jeans,  since then I have been hooked! They are expanding their brand by opening stores all around the United States and even opening TopMan! If you ever get the chance I highly recommend visiting their store on 5th Ave. in Manhattan! You will spend hours drooling and falling in LOVE with all of the clothes! And don’t forget to bring your man to get him styled and looking on trend  with all they have to offer! My red bodysuit  of course is from American Apparel where you can find all of your basic needs!  I hope everyone fell in LOVE with something today, a stranger you had a great conversation with,  someone’s smile, a cute little furry animal, your loved ones, or a little moment that happened today! Something!  Today,  I fell in Love and enjoyed a wonderful conversation with a complete stranger about her life in Brazil. We talked for at least 45 minutes and learned so much about each other. I will probably never see this woman ever again but I will remember our talk and that moment we had! LOVE MORE!!!

  • Day two of Valentine’s Day Outfits!

    People either love or hate Valentine’s Day. I so happen to love Valentine’s Day and not just because I have a husband. I love the cheesy cards, receiving flowers, and dressing up to go out to dinner, and of course expressing my love to the best husband a girl could ever ask for! Not only does he take all of the amazing pictures you see here on the blog,  he is my biggest supporter and the one who pushes me to be creative everyday!  I look forward to our night out on Valentine’s Day the most because he always surprises me with the most Romantic restaurants in town! This year is still a “surprise” but I will keep everyone updated. Anyway, on day two of my Valentine’s Day outfits I wore all American Apparel. This red floral jumper was made a couple of years ago and it came in a bunch of colors. I have four colors of this jumper in my wardrobe because it is so beautiful I couldn’t resist! The black accordion knee length skirt was also from a couple years back but it is a piece that is timeless and can be worn many ways. Hope you Love this look! See you tomorrow with look number 3!!! 

  • Valentine’s Day

    Hi guys Happy February! Hope you are all enjoying my blog so far and passing the word along to all of your friends! Since Valentine’s Day is a couple of Days away, I wanted to share some outfit ideas with you for your romantic weekend full of love! I will be posting an outfit everyday here on the blog and on my Instagram up until Valentine’s Day. The first outfit is an off the shoulder soft pink sweater from H&M. I paired it with my Chicago pants from American Apparel and these amazing shoes I totally forgot about in my closet! I tucked in the sweater because it looked too sloppy and not put together if it wasn’t. This sweater would be great with jeans or a skirt, but I wore it with the Chicago pants to dress it up for going out to dinner.  Hope you enjoy this look! Check back tomorrow for my second look and follow me on Instagram @brunetteontherun! 

  • Hotel Motel

    It was such a beautiful afternoon, I decided to take advantage of Gabe’s lunch break and take pictures at a Motel in town. I had this outfit in my head for a couple of weeks and we finally got to shoot it! This sheer black maxi dress is from Forever 21 and I paired it with a black fur jacket I purchased from Michael Kors! My black boots are from Clarks, Hat from JJ Hat Center in Manhattan, and sunglasses from Urban Outfitters! Hope you enjoy this edgy, modern look that I had so much fun styling!! Check out my Instagram @brunetteontherun and be on the look out for my next look coming soon!!!